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The Grudge (American)

I hope that is it okay that I comment on this movie here, as it is neither obscure or really foreign. :) However considering the nature of this LJ I will speak openly about the original(s). Those of you who have *not* seen the original(s) can just muddle along. ;)

Just got back from seeing this. Went alone. Enjoyed the squealing teenagers behind me muchly. :)

I don't believe the following review contains any real spoilers to be concerned about. But I will not restrain myself in the comment section. ;)

I don't want to make any culteral comments, so I'll just let the whole "Americans in Japan" thing that bothered me slide. :) We'll just pretend it all makes sense.

Short review: imagine an amalgam of the Ju-on movies - taking elements from each, leaving out others, shuffling stuff around, making certain things happen to different characters this time around, etc - and change three major factors:

1) The special effects. Put a lot more money into the special effects and makeup. Now for example, Kayako really looks dead, instead of just looking like she's covered in white makeup with heavy black eyeliner (I'm not slamming the original, just reporting what they did. It's like how they changed the victims in the Ring).

2) The structure of the whole overlapping timelines thing. No longer do we get six seperate "chapters" titled with the main victim's name. They changed the flow for the remake and while I thought that was a jarring change I'll bet if they hadn't of changed it lots of people would have been scratching their heads, and those squealing teenagers might not have been squealing as much.

3) The ending. I'm not a fan of the original ending but this one wasn't much better.

One final note: I was *so* jazzed they used the missing jaw bit in the remake. It was awesome. I know I was the only one in the theatre who knew what was coming. 8) (But I did miss the distorted face on the TV newscaster, they left that out.)

Overall, I don't prefer it over the original, but I liked the effects (I do like scary visual effects, they aren't essential to a movie but they can be fun). I didn't like the restructuring-deal; I thought the way they had Geller's character find out what had happened in the house in the past was hokey. And I didn't like the ending (and I couldn't help comparing it to a certain scene in Ring 2, although Ring 2, in regards to that similar scene, was creepier IMHO). But I did like Kayako lots more in this version. :)

Okay that's all I can think of right now. :)

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