Nat (aethyrkitten) wrote in obscurefhorror,


How many of you have seen the Thai horror movie "Shutter"?

I bought the R3 DVD in Chinatown while in SF this past November, and I have to say, I'm pleased with my purchase. It's nothing super-original compared to all the other ghost-of-girl-seeking-vengeance type films, but I enjoyed the storyline with its (not unexpected, I admit, but not unoriginal either - you can just see it coming if you're paying attention) twisty windingness, and I *loved* the ending. They did a, if not original, then at least uncommon take on the end result of a haunting. Nothing was too terrifyingly scary (for me, at least, but I don't scare much), but there were some cleverly done scenes that may or may not freak you out. My personal creepy favorite was a scene reminiscent of the duvet bedcovers scene in Ju-On.

Those of you who've seen it, if there are any, what did you think? Hated it, loved it, feeling same as me?
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