Sparky (neithersparky) wrote in obscurefhorror,


(Yeah I still don't have a new avatar, leave me alone. :) )

I just got done (finally) watching my copy of Ju-on, the theatrical one...or the 3rd in the series, whatever you want to call it. :) The one they just remade, not either of the sequels.

Here is my big fat opinion: it wasn't scary. The dead naked miaowing kid wasn't scary. The crunchy chick wasn't scary. And that noise the director was making all the time wasn't scary. :) Not to say there weren't *any* creepy bits - I dug the distorted face on the TV - but I just wasn't scared. And believe me, I'm a big chicken. I *will* go see the remake, but now I'm not afraid of going alone anymore. Anyways that's my review. :) Mostly I just posted this to see some action on this community. ;) You can yell at me if you think I'm wrong. Or if you just feel like yelling at someone. 8)

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