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Since we've touched on this before, and the reviews are thin on the ground at the moment (and I lack the time to put a good one together with screen caps and whatnot), I thought I'd get an "official" discussion going on this.

What's everyone's opinion of remakes? And please make a distinction of remakes of really old movies (like remaking an old early 50s horror movie in the 21st century) and movies that just came out within the past 5 years but didn't happen to be in English and thus must be remade or Americans just won't watch them (or whatever logic is being used now), or movies that've come out from the 70s/80s onward that are being/have been remade, such as Amityville or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Hate 'em? Love 'em? Have no opinion? Take 'em case by case? Approve of remakes of native movies but not foreign ones? Vice versa? Some other special condition by which you judge them? Etc.
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