Obscure & Foreign Horror Movies

for people who love the horror you can't find so easily

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This is a community for anyone who absolutely loves (or just kind of has an interest in) obscure and/or foreign horror movies. Whether you've developed a taste for Asian or other foreign horror, or you think lesser-known American horror films deserve more attention than they're currently getting - or even if you're trying to make a student horror film and want feedback or a free plug - join up and post.

Not many rules here, just be civil with each other. Not everyone has the same taste in horror (some people wish Sarah Michelle Gellar would die in the first 5 minutes of the Ju-On remake, others think she'll do a great job), and not everyone feels the same way about everything. You don't need to agree, just don't try to kill each other over Sadako's hair length or anything like that.

If you're an amateur moviemaker and want people to know about your movie, you get one free plug. Just one. Nobody needs their friends' list spammed by the same thing more than once.

You're welcome to post recommendations for people interested in a certain kind of movie, just don't include any spoilers and lj-cut any images (except *small* DVD cover images). Also mention what regions the movie's available in if you know (most Americans won't be able to see movies that are out on Region 3 DVD only, etc). Also feel free to post intros of any kind.

I DO include animated horror in the general category, so that's clear to be mentioned in this community as well. It doesn't stop at live-action. And my definition of "obscure" movies is pretty broad.. it doesn't always have to be some small, low-budget indie horror film - movies that came out theatrically but pretty much disappeared after that can also be included.